Destiny 2 Tyra Karn

Destiny 2: Where to find Tyra Karn’s Location

If you have reached the end of the game in Destiny two and are running a quest that needs you to locate Tyra Karn, you have probably found yourself at the specific same place I did. Where’s Tyra Karn and just how can you reach her place? Where the hell can she possibly be, correct? Do not worry, I have your back with this guide about the best way best to locate Tyra Karn at Destiny 2.

If you have completed the game, you will have discovered The Farm has been transferred out of the destinations display in Destiny 2. What is the deal? The solution is actually easy!

All You Have to do is open Destinations, then you are likely to need to choose Earth, then you want to appear at the very best right corner of this map. The Farm is currently tucked away (Eureka), and you’re going to find Tyra Karn is situated directly on and over to your left a small square from where you reside in, inside The Farm. She is an evasive one, is not she?

Obviously, if you Want to view this Cryptographer in Destiny 2 for another motive and you have not completed the game, just choose the Farm out of the destinations display and follow the very same instructions as above. She is not overly difficult to find as soon as you spawn to this social area, but if you have no more problems, sound off in the remarks below.



Tyra Karn
Tyra karn.PNG
Name Tyra Karn
Title Cryptarchs
Faction Iron Lords
Type Warlock
Race Awoken
Gender Female
Location The Farm
Description A historian and Cryptarch, Tyra Karn decodes engrams and seeks the treasures of humanity’s past.

Tyra Karn is an NPC and Vendor and is considered one of the few Cryptarchs within the game. Approach Tyra Karn to decrypt any and all Engrams that you have yet to decrypt to receive whatever might have been hidden within them; be it a piece of weaponry or armour. On top of all of this, Tyra Karn is also interested in any Artifacts you may have found throughout your travels, so she will happily exchange some Glimmer for them if you accept her trade. Find Destiny 2 Xur and weekly exotics!

Location of destiny 2 Tyra Karn

Tyra Karn is his counterpart staying within the confines of The Farm only:

  • The Farm – Upon landing on the Farm, head almost-directly north and you will quite quickly find Tyra Karn.

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