Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer

Microsoft launched the newest trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3, this time starring a mismatched group of familiar faces: Winnie the Pooh and Xehanort, the leader of the series’ greatest threat, Organization XIII.

With Kingdom Hearts 3 place to wrap the Story — or this arc of it — it’s not surprising that the group of nobodies (we’ll describe another time) are back to wreak havoc. But it’s particularly nice to see our buddy Pooh again, since he stands as a symbol of the inherent good from the interconnected worlds of Kingdom Hearts.

Pooh’s goodness actually stands in opposition to his narrative from the initial Kingdom Hearts. Pooh, it appeared, was permanently alone. Together with Sora’s help, Pooh reunited with the rest of his team, one of Sora’s many acts of kindness throughout the sequence.

It is less nice to see Master Xehanort again, even if it’s No real surprise. After years of buildup and backstory about Xehanort, Organization XIII and their fight against the Keyblade Masters, this tease is a reminder that things are coming to an end.

Kingdom Hearts 3 release date is 29.January 2019 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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