New non Korean champion at Blizzcon: Serral

Joona”Serral” Sotala has become the first non-Korean Starcraft 2 Two WCS winner in this year’s Blizzcon, ending the nation’s e-Sport domination within the title. Serral capped off his incredible run at the championship with an impressive 4-2 victory over Kim”Stats” Dae Yeob in the finals as Zerg. Serral quickly became the tournament’s Frontrunner following an outstanding start, coming apart Kim”sOs” Yoo Jin and Ju”Zest” Seong Wuk to quickly advance into the playoff point. Serral’s style of drama has reached notoriety from the Starcraft two community as a result of his Efficiency and reliance on perfect timing, together with his economy-play being beside none. Victory now cements Serral as the best player in Starcraft 2, an achievement commended from the official Starcraft two Twitter page:

For those who missed the historic finals, be sure to catch-up on the Official Replay Pack on Starcraft 2’s website.


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