Firewatch’s Launch Trailer

Campo Santo has released their indie darling, Firewatch, onto the Nintendo Switch, with walkie-talkies and all.

In Firewatch, you perform as a man named Henry who –after having marital troubles with his spouse — ends up volunteering as a fire lookout in a Wyoming woods. Only having communicating with one individual via walkie-talkie, his supervisor Delilah, Henry slowly forms a somewhat improper connection with her while at the exact same time, mysterious keys are discovered surrounding the national park.

Making social decisions, keeping the campers Secure, and finding some hidden affairs throughout the park is what makes Firewatch such an emotional and thrilling ride. The somewhat short story makes for the perfect little Switch game to cozy up to about a campfire, or just in your bedroom.

Firewatch is now out for the Nintendo Switch for the Purchase Price of $19.99. You can also download Firewatch on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

In other Firewatch news, a movie adaptation based on Campo Santo’s adventure sport Was announced back in 2016 with all the evolution studio pairing with Production company’Good Universe.’ Except that it will, indeed, follow similar story beats from the indie game.


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