MU ORIGIN 2 Announces Closed Beta

Are your Swords prepared? Or you prefer to use magical power? After having an effective pre-registration period, game writer Game now has announced that the closed beta test for its much-anticipated MU ORIGIN 2 will take place from December 20th in important SEA countries.
Players can download the game from Google Play and App Store In CBT server, players have a whole lot to look ahead, such as daily benefits worthy 150 USD! Moreover, the giveaway event is also held on Facebook to ship in-game costumes.

In 2015, formally authorized From WEBZEN, Tianma studio developed MU Origin, which brought the enormous, PC expertise to mobile and it immediately became a sensation across China, Korea and South East Asia. The match stayed top rankings after its launch in major countries. Earlier this year, MU ORIGIN two was launched in Western and South Korean markets, released by Tencent and WEBZEN respectively. It received a massive success quickly after release, which introduced a MU trend back to the marketplace.

Today, MU ORIGIN 2 Introduced its classic but upgrade gameplay to SEA players, officially accredited by WEBZEN and developed by exactly the identical team of MU Origin, Tianma studio.

Swordsman, Mage or Archer, their classic outfit can easily stimulate players memory of MU. The aim is simple in this fantasy world. You can map out your strategies, flight alone, meet with friends or group with strangers with different skills.

The Game also allows players to reinforce their personality through the many Players Have to fully exploit every potential by using a fantastic system Like Horcrux System or Class Transfer System. Of course, there are far more Accessible features in the game to improve your character’s abilities and Fortify them against enemies. The player-to-player trading platform is Where players can buy and sell weapons, armor and various items.

For more information about MU ORIGIN 2, please visit the official site


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