Comet ice storm on Fortnite, whole island is on blizzard

Fortnite’s latest event, the Ice Storm, is here. It kicked off this afternoon, when the frozen blue orb hovering high above the island broke open, revealing the Ice King, who covered the map in a blizzard.

The preamble to all of this came with patch v7.20 at the beginning of the week, which put the ice sphere over Polar Peaks. Now that it’s broken open, players have a new set of challenges to complete.

  • Complete (6) Ice Storm Challenges (Wrap reward)
  • Destroy (250) Ice Fiends (500 XP)
  • Deal (5000) damage with Explosive Weapons to the Ice Legion (500 XP)

Ice Fiends appear to be the soldiers of the Ice Legion, and they spawn from glowing blue stones now strewn all over the map. Ten more challenges will be revealed in the comping days. Complete them all and get the Winter’s Thorn Glider.

The Ice King isn’t the only secret to be revealed. Players are also finding a bunker underneath the (since destroyed) iceberg by Happy Hamlet, and several eggs inside the prison underneath the castle on Polar Peak. What that all means, only time will tell.

This figure is assumed to be the Ice King in the week 7 Battle Pass loading screen, about to unleash a storm upon the map. Previous leaked files have suggested that the map will be covered in snow after this event, although it is unsure if it will be to this extent: The Ice Sphere is similar to the Cube from Season 5, and suggests a likely in-game event that would be happening. Further evidence to that theory has appeared on the TV screens around the map (much like the comet and rocket launch teasers in Seasons 3 and 4):


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