Subnautica: Below Zero first things to see and Penglins

The standalone expansion to the underwater survival horror game, Subnautica: Below Zero, features an entirely new aquatic open world to explore, place to another sci-fi narrative that takes place just 1 year after the events of the
first edition. This time around, you will not be falling from the sky in a barely usable escape pod, but beginning your adventure in a research article in a snow caked region of the same oceanic world as before, 4546B. Regrettably, Below Zero sees you personality stranded from their HQ inside the first five minutes of this match’s opening, thereby initiating Subnautica’s recognizable rhythms of exploration, crafting, and survival, albeit place to a very different backdrop than previously. It is worth mentioning that Below Zero is quite much in the early phases of development, with limited
content available along with a range of technical and visual bugs, but I’ve already spent a fantastic amount of time into this current construct to bring you highlights of their experience so far.

Here’s is come cool new items I have already found in Subnautica: Below Zero.

1. Penglings!

Penglins are so cute

Shut up at the moment because we must chat about Subnautica’s Penglings.
Striking that perfect mixture of mortal and adorable, Planet 4546B’s arctic avian are the perfect companions for one-sided conversation after a long day under the sea. The Little guys will slip and slide about on the ice caps above the water, although the even tinier infants will repeatedly fall flat on their faces for added slapstick humor. Oh, and if they open their beaks to squawk, you are able to check out every single edge in their layers of sharp, serrated teeth. Adorable.

2. Huge doughnut fish.

Called the Titan Holefish (but colloquially known by me and my brand new Pengwing buddies as doughnut fish), this big, harmless specimen is really a sight to behold from Below Zero. They seem to collect together in schools, and the view of heaps of Titan Holefish gormless hovering across your field of vision is about as surreal as it gets. The Fantastic news is that you are able to suck oxygen out of each fish’s inner hole (stop giggling) when interacting with them up close, letting you stay submerged for longer without needing to come up for air.

3. Brute Sharks Pro

Tip for playing Below Zero: Don’t go near the Brute Shark. True to their name, they’re utter nightmare which will strike you viciously on sight. I don’t understand what I was expecting, truth be told. Almost he ended up killing meand probably ate the baby Pengwing that was sitting in my pocket also.

4. Glow Whales

Remembers stumbling throughout their very first Reefback in Subnautica. One of the few Leviathans that isn’t thinking about killing you — it’s majestic beauty is in stark contrast to the horrors it shares the waters with. The Same could be said of Below Zero’s Glow Whales, which are much smaller in size but no less impressive in their awe-inspiring resplendence. And yes, they do glow in the dark.

5. Island outpost

Zero teases you in its first minutes by starting off your character using a completely equipped research center, complete with everything you’d been building towards at the first game. It is not long before an ice storm blocks you out of the beloved HQ, yet, and you are back stuck in another dinky small pod situated in the center of the ocean. You can imagine my relief, after that, once I came across this unused base perched at the peak of a snowy mountain island, which came equipped with a mattress, fabricator, storage lockers, and even an observation tower. Nearby was a rocket that was seemingly out of use, too.

6. Giant lily pad trees

Flora is frequently equally as weird and wonderful as the fauna in Subnautica, and Deep Zero isn’t any exclusion. It wasn’t long until I found myself swimming through a muddy forest of those strange, towering plants. They appeared to sprout out of big, floating stones and blossom in the water’s surface within these incredible lily pads. Unfortunately, Stalkers seem to relish the area as a feeding ground, so I couldn’t stick around for too long.

7. Crustaceans!

I missed thembut there weren’t too many arthropod oddities roaming around in Subnautica’s watery expanse, slightly stunting the diversity component of its own biodiversity. Deep Zero, however, comes with an absolute unit of a crustacean with the Rock Puncher; a quadrupedal that, as a forewarning, is very happy to come at you with these pincers if you get too near. Regrettably, I have not actually seen them punching any rocks up to now, but I’ll keep observing from afar.

8. The return of the Sea Emperor

You have beaten Subnautica, then you are aware of how significant the Sea Emperor Roaming freely in the oceans of Deep Zero is suddenly cathartic. This one was a little photo shy, swimming so fast that I couldn’t catch a Good picture of him to get my scrapbook however, for once, I had been happy to Take in the sight until he glided off into the space once and for all.


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