Mu Online Season 14 Europe Server

MU Online Season 14: Part 1 Arrives at 5.April

Mu online Europe server opening is planned at 5.April (Friday), and with it will come Season 15, Part 1 and will be available for PC gamers. This new server opening will bring a host of new content, such as the Kuberus Mine area, which is for players level 850 or higher. It consists of five elemental fields: Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, and Darkness, and powerful monsters and items await in this new zone. In addition to new features, this new server will include a new character: Rune Wizard and its 4 evolution classes as well as game IU updates, new jewel stacking without using lahap etc. An enriched experience to enjoy with a multitude of additional events, and system improvements and adjustments.

Mu Online Europe server is a brand new game continent and will attract huge amounts of players from all over the word. Game is played only personal computer and is not available for android or ios like mu origin 2 which was reacently released and are huge hit on play store!

Official website: HERE


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