Armored God: NEW fantasy MMORPG

Armored God is a brand-new MMORPG for Android that launched just last week. Armored God is a dark fantasy MMORPG that is set in an open world and challenges you to explore it, take part in battles through dungeons and take part in raids. What makes this game different from other MMORPGs it that here you are able to summon different kinds of monsters to fight for you.

At the moment there are two characters from which you can choose when starting a game a female character – Assassin with a blade and a male character Warrior with a sword

Players who already are hooked on this game, compare it to a Pokémon game except Armored God is a much more scary, dark and twisted version of Pokémon.  Players also say that anyone who likes MMORPGs should try playing Armored God.

Other exciting aspects of this game are that you can even ride specific monsters into the battle. Also, there is a player vs. player mode that can challenge you and up to three of your friends to participate in a battle together and fight shoulder to shoulder to destroy your enemies.

Also, there is an auto play available but you can turn it of whenever you want, especially when taking part in battles.

Not only the battles, fights and raids are what’s exciting in this game, the storyline also will make a well written journey for you, that is packed with action and fascinating monsters around every corner.

Right now, Armored God is available on Google Play store.


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