Destiny 2 NEW Exotic quest

The new Destiny 2 patch 2.2.2. update went live on Tuesday, and the enthusiastic players have already found a totally new quest in the match. A Destiny 2 new Exotic quest. From the Heroic Adventure “Bad Neighbors” on Titan, players found a secret door. Through the door, they discovered a brand-new Exotic quest item – a Fallen Transponder.

Right now, nobody knows actually what they have to do next . When you launch the Transponder in the Pursuits menu it shows a panel of six nodes. Riddles behind the nodes are requesting that gamers find various hidden locations around the world of Destiny 2. Because of some data mine as well as the SIVA-themed symbols round the Fallen Transponder, gamers are confident that this new quest will result in the Destiny Exotic weapon Outbreak Prime.

Outbreak Prime was formerly found at the Wrath of the Machine raid from Destiny’s Rise of Iron expansion. The quest involved using binary inside the raid to open a number of doors. The Exotic item, pulse rifle was a weapon that quickly turned into a favorite for gamers, and it seems to be back in Destiny 2.

At first players weren’t certain on what Outbreak Prime resembles in Destiny 2, though. Back in Destiny, Outbreak Prime came with a perk that created SIVA nanites fly out and attack enemies after they were shot several times, called The Corruption Spreads.

Now, some players have already finished the quest and earned the newest variant of Outbreak Prime -Outbreak Perfected. It comes with The Corruption Spreads perk too, which spawns SIVA nanites that damage nearby enemies on precision kills and on rapid hits. Additionally, it comes with a new – Parasitism perk. This perk causes Outbreak Perfected to manage the bonus damage with SIVA nanites attached to enemies.

Catalyst slot is what also comes with Outbreak Perfected, unfortunately the players haven’t discovered how to earn it jet. Like it did with Thunderlord and Whisper of the Worm the Eververse is selling two ornaments for Outbreak Perfected.


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