Dota Auto Chess new patch

The popularity of Dota Auto Chess’ has been rapidly growing over the last couple of months, with over 8 million subscribers on Steam Workshop. A new patch dropped on Monday, showcasing recognizable Dota 2 characters Io and Dazzle. In this article you will find out everything about the new Dota Auto Chess’ patch and as a bonus a complete list of all the changes that have been made.


Dazzle is a Troll Priest in Automobile Chess. Formerly, there were just four Trolls in the game, that meant  that you’d need all of them to receive a powerful attack speed bonus for your units. Dazzle is what makes getting this bonus easier.The Priest bonus is exceptional to Dazzle, when he is on the field, he shields your Courier for 20%. His ability is Shallow Grave – prevents an allied chess bit from dying for four moments. If he’s at a higher level, this ability can be throw by dazzle on components.


Io is a new Legendary unit. It has no class, and among the most effective abilities in the game. Io functions as a wild card in Vehicle Chess. If  it is paired with two of the same unit, Io will act as the third. Unlike Legendary units, a little chance is for Io to look at any Courier level. It also does not factor in the baseball pool, meaning there are infinite Ios for gamers to select up.


Now, Divine Protection needs three Knights to begin working. Together with three Knights on the field, all allied Knights have a 40 percent chance to activate a defense shield. With six Knights on the field, all allied units have a chance to activate Divine Protection. In the early game, this makes Knights less powerful, while increasing the reward for gamers who manage a six-Knight composition.


Scouting enemy teams is now easier. Instead of having to physically move your mouse across the arenas, you can just pull the scoreboard out from the side of the UI. The elongated scoreboard details their playback amounts all enemy participant units, their racial and class bonuses, their own gold level, their win/loss ratio, and just how much damage they have coped with other players. This is especially helpful as more players shed, which means that you can start crafting your team to beat some specific players.

And now here is a complete list of changes in Dota Auto Chess listed point by point.

List of changes in Dota Auto Chesss

  • New Season: Claim you reward for S0: Mystery currently in the game. The higher the status achieved, the greater the reward will be. New season begins on May 1.
  • UI upgrades: Added new post-game panel and loading screens. During the game you can extend the droplist on the side player information panel, to view synergies of players and the team make-up.
  • Reworked Blade Mail: +5 Armor, +10 Attack damage. Active: Damage return — Duplicates 100% of damage as damage back into the unit. Lasts 4 sec.
  • New bits added: Dazzle ($3, Troll Priest), Io ($5, Elf with NO CLASS)
  • Reworked Knights’ Divine Protection: (3) Knights: All friedly knights have 40 percent chance to proc a damage-reducing shield. (6) Knights: All allies have 35 percent chance to proc a damage-reducing shield.
  • Reduced Assault Cuirass attack speed bonus and reduction in +15/-15 to +10/-10.
  • Increased Robe of the Magi magic immunity reduction from 20% to 30%.
  • Improved Assassin Pieces’ initiation delay from 0.5 sec to 0.75 sec.
  • Increased Enigma’s Midnight Pulse percentage HP harm from 5%/7%/9% to 6%/9%/12%.
  • Decreased Medusa’s Stone Gaze side angle from 85 to 60 degrees.
  • Increased Venomancer’s base HP by 100.
  • Increased Terrorblade’s base HP by 50.
  • Reduced Chaos Knight’s base HP by 50.
  • Decreased Mask of Madness bonus attack speed from 40 to 30.
  • Upgraded early ending mechanics: Top 3 rated players in a game today have two votes when proposing ending the game. The match terminates on 4 total votes.
  • Fixed several bugs and tweaked several visual outcomes.
  • Reworked Ogre’s Two Heads: Rather than +10% max HP for allied Ogres, Two Heads now grant +5% maximum HP for all allies.
  • Temporarily removed Lich in the piece pool, and will return after rework.

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