Explaining why Dragon’s Dogma must have a sequel

Dragon’s Dogma is an action role-playing, hack and slash genre video game. This was a project, a game with no original title, no existing franchise or a name that’s known and you can lean on and jet thanks to a very successful pitch the project was approved. Dragon’s Dogma creator Hideaki Itsuno presented the game to Capcom and production started in 2008. And this risk paid off big time; now it’s considered to be one of the best cult classics of the last generation.

It is available for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 since 2012, PC since 2016, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One since 2017 and last but not least Nintendo Switch users got to play it just this year (2019). Of course, like almost every game, Dragon’s Dogma also has its flaws that are criticized, but what really made it stand out and made you forget about the weaknesses was the ideal storm of gameplay mechanics.

Why Dragon’s Dogma is so special

Dragon’s Dogma gives you access to various character builds where every character plays significantly different, and the combat was a much faster Souls-like version. The details in the game’s combat were just excellent; you can even grab onto enemies.

The game makes you learn about your enemies, about their skills and tactics by always throwing theme at you. It’s not just regular hack-and-slash, you have to be smart and learn to combine your attacks and your abilities to defeat the enemy or sometimes even be smart enough to retreat and recover.

Another exciting element of this game is the ability to summon ethereal warriors to help you in your battle – the Pawn system. In Dragon’s Dogma, you create your character and then three more that are your Pawns. The Pawns can fulfil the same classes as your main character can. And here is where you can get creative by creating your playstyle and take advantage of your strategy skills because Pawns system allows you to build a unique party from all the different classes.

 As you evolve in this game, so do your Pawns. Every Pawn develops a unique and as you grow in this game they learn and progress too. Pawns learn how to take down specific enemies; they learn useful information the later will help you in various quests.

Why Dragon’s Dogma squeal would be awesome

With the gaming world evolving so fast you could even say that Dragon’s Dogma is an old game since it was released seven years ago, in 2012. Now there certainly are games out there that have similar elements as Dragon’s Dogma, but no other game gives you the same experience as this one does. The excellence in this game hides in combining an extraordinary combat system, great fantasy world as your playground and a unique multiplayer mode where you can borrow Pawns that have been created by other players.

In 2013 game released an updated version Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen and in 2015 action-MMO Dragon’s Dogma Online. With such a great and popular game that has sold over one million copies worldwide, you’d think there should be a game sequel, but unfortunately, there has been only one update and the ability to play the game in different platforms.

It’s not like Capcom wouldn’t be interested in a sequel. Capcom has given Dragon’s Dogma creator Hideaki Itsuno a green light in creating Dragon’s Dogma 2, but Hideaki Itsuno chooses to focus on his other project – Devil May Cry 5, also an action-adventure hack and slash video game.

The green light has been given not only to games sequel but also to animated Netflix series for Dragon’s Dogma. It’s in the same attitude as Castlevania, which proves that Capcom does care about the IP.

The technology has progressed so much since 2013. Can you imagine what Hideaki Itsuno would be able to do with Dragon’s Dogma 2? Actually, Capcoms action role-playing game Monster Hunter: World (2018) could be an excellent example of what you would be able to do in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

While fixing the flaws and enriching the conditions of Dragon’s Dogma the sequel could be filled with – epic battles that are even bigger than in the first game, a diverse ecosystem with various monsters and beasts that could interact both with each other and the player, a more precise, tightened combat where you can develop an even more detailed playstyle.

Why Dragon’s Dogma squeal would be a smart move

Capcom is actually a company that already has released several phenomenal video games – previously mentioned Devil May Cry 5 and Monster Hunter, a survival horror game Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (2017) and Resident Evil 2  (2019), an action platforming game Mega Man 11 and many more. Capcom clearly is willing to keep redefining the meaning of every series; the success that they are having is also reassuring to double down on that idea. Rote design is what open world video games keep suffering from, except a couple of very different successes such as action role-playing game The Witcher 3 and action-adventure game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wind.

Though created seven years ago some players can’t help but feel Dragon’s Dogma like a breath of fresh air in open-world role-playing games. Although we can be grateful that we have the chance to play this game again, we can’t help to hope for Hideaki Itsuno creating a sequel to this game. This would be a brilliant move for Capcom if they are wanting to keep on riding this stroke of success. Let’s face it can’t get any more epic than sitting on the back of a giant Dragon or Griffon and holding on for your life as it cuts through the clouds while your everyone else is helplessly watching from below.


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