Pagan Online: a new hack-and-slash action RPG

Pagan Online was released on April 17, 2019, and it is in Early Access. Though it is in early access players, admit that it is still a very fresh take on the ARPG genre and definitely is worth checking out.

The game starts with a world where all the gods are dead and the evil, that has been suppressed this whole time, now is beginning to threaten the existence of every living thing in this world. Every player starts his journey by choosing its hero. There are three heroes, and the choice is very important since it is going to be a while until the player is able to unlock other characters. Every hero has a specific playstyle, abilities, weapons and attacks. Pagan Online really focuses on deep, detailed masterfully but together characters, and it may take you a while to completely understand and learn everything there is to learn about your character.

Besides having your starter character you can purchase other characters as well. You can buy different characters with in-game currency that can be collected by completing various missions.

The fantasy world map in this game is simply stunning and different areas of the map are exceptionally well themed. You might feel that the levels in this game are still a bit linear, but the combat makes up for it because it is very well polished for early access. IT does not have the traditional mouse-centric combat; instead, it has opted for a WASD movement scheme where the mouse is more like a directional guide for combat abilities.

Players strategy in combat is also a crucial aspect of the game, knowing when to cool down and when it’s best to engage within seconds.

Right now, Pagan Online is a very hot and polished Early Access title that has a fresh take on ARPG genre. And the Developers say that their desire is to allow players to help shape this game in the right direction. The developers say: “Our aim is to push the boundaries of the hack-and-slash ARPG genre while staying true to its foundations. To put it simply, we want to advance the genre, and we need your help to do it. We have a solid basis down already, which we hope will make clear where we are heading with Pagan Online.

For us to align our development priorities with those of our community, we are opening Early Access.”

Right now you can buy Pagan Online on Steam or Wargaming for 26,99€


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