How to make a Saddle in Minecraft

In Minecraft Saddles are quite useful, they can be used to tame and ride horses, pigs, donkeys, skeleton horses and mules. Most things in Minecraft you will be able to make and craft yourself, unfortunately a saddle is not one of those things. There are three ways in which you can get a saddle – finding it in dungeons or temples, when trading with villagers get a saddle as a trade or an option with the lowest success rate – hooking a saddle while fishing.

Finding a Saddle in a Dungeon or Nether Fortress

This method is the easiest to get the saddle. The first thing you will need to do is to find a dungeon that is underground. Dungeons occur as small rooms with monster spawners in center, with one or two chests. The chests sometimes can be double chests filled with valuable items. Dungeons floor and walls are of cobblestone. The way that you can look for a dungeon is by simply digging underground, also you can rapidly switch to Spectator game mode and try to find a dungeon underground by flying. When you actually find the dungeon – switch back to creative or survival mode. Then look for a chest and open it. If the odds are in your favor you can find a saddle and lot of other useful items. Keep your saddle in your inventory.

To find a saddle in Nether Fortres you will need to transport yourself to Nether biome. For that you will need to make a nether portal. Once you’ve went through the portal, look for chests the same as in a dungeon.

Get a Saddle while fishing

This method may not be as effective as other methods, but it sure is fun. You can get a saddle as a “treasure item”. Just go fishing and cast your fishing line into the water. You won’t have to wait long till you will start to see some bubbles getting closer and closer to the fishing line and before you know it you the bubbler will be pulled under the water. At this point reel in your fishing line and take a look at your catch. If you’re lucky it will be a saddle that automatically will go to your inventory.

Get a Saddle by trading

The title basically says it all. Go to a village and a Villager leather worker will sell saddles for around 8 to 10 emeralds as a third tier trade.


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