Zelda: Breath of the Wild: Kuh Takkar Shrine

Kuh Takkar Shrine is one of the many Shrine Trials in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. What is interesting about Kuh Takkar Shrine is that it involves a Melting Ice Hazard.

Kuh Takkar Shrine location

You can find Kuh Takkar Shrine in the eastern part of the Gerudo Highlands, at the base of the Laparoh Mesa, a bit northeast of the Yiga Hideout. As mentioned before this Shrine involves ice. Kuh Takkar Shrine is fully covered in ice. You will have to use fire arrows or some other method that involves fire, to get to the shrine.

Kuh Takkar Shire solution

As mentioned before, when you arrive to the location of the shrine, you will have to use some sort of fire-based weapon to melt the ice (fire arrows, bombs etc.).

To successfully complete the Shrine, you will have to carry a block of ice to the monk that is located on the top of the shrine. But is not that easy, because though the path to shrine was hidden in ice, the inside of it is filled with fire and it could melt your block of ice if it comes too close.

Before you start your journey to the top of the Shrine, move the ice block into a small hole that should be to your right and climb on top of the ice, hop in a small, cut-out area and there you will find a treasure chest to collect, that contains a Forstblade.

Then when you got the treasure with you, take the ice block back and walk up the stairs. Carefully maneuvering make your way through the first three fire columns with akkala tower The first fire obstacle is rotating fire, for this one simply time walking past it, wait for the right moment.

Next is a horizontal row of fire hazard, for this one just toss the ice block beneath the fire, it will slide under and wont melt. And then you can go through and pick it up.

A bit further down you will find a metal block that will be in a pool of lava. You will need that metal block, use Magnesis to get it. Toss the ice across the gap and when it has made it across the lava, again use Magnesis to take the metal block out of the lava. Next hazard will be horizontal rows of fire, use the metal block to block the fire and walk past it.

The last fire hazard is a row of fire that is shooting down from above. Stand near by the fire and quickly toss it through the fire. The ice block will melt a little, but it is big enough not to melt completely. Now again use Magnesis and the metal block to cover yourself and walk through the fire.

Finally, to unlock the vertical bars that hare blocking the shrine, carry the ice block to the top. The monk that’s in there – Monuk Kuh Takkar will reward you with a Spirit Orb.

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