Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Sign of The Shadow shrine quest guide

In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild there are a total of 42 shrine quests and Sign of the Shadow is one of them. The shrine that Sign of the Swadow quests hides in itself is Sasa Kai shrine that is located in the Gerudo Highlands region.  In this article you will find answers to how to find the shrine quest and Kas, solve a riddle and complete a modest test of strength.

First of in this quest you must speak to Kass. You will find him north of Gerudo Town, at the top of Gerudo Tower, playing his accordion.

When you start to speak to him, Kass will sing you a song that will go like this:

“As light shines from the northwest skies,
From the tower’s shadow an arrow flies.
Pierce heaven’s light to reveal the prize

Now you have to look to the south of the Gerudo Tower, you’ll see a sheikah platform. When you see it, glide down to it with your paraglider.

Then you have to wait till sun or the moon will intersect with Gerudo Tower. Either way to pass time faster you can light a fire and sit till the moon or sun is in the right position. And then, when the sun intersects with Gerudo Tower the platform that you are standing on will make a sound, when the moon intersects with the Gerudo Tower the platform will turn red. Then shoot and arrow to the direction of the tower. The Sasa Kai Shrine will rise form the ground and appear nearby. Check guide how climb akkala tower as well!

The Sign of the Shadow shrine quest is completed.

Inside the Sasa Kai shrine a battle with Guardian Scout III awaits you, this is one of the many various Test of Strenght challenges that you will find in The Legend of Zelda: Breathe of the Wild.


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