There is a Banjo-Kazooie Busta Rhymes Mashup and you’ll love it!

YouTube is always a place full of surprises and this song is another proof of that. This is an iconic Banjo-Kazooie intro song that has a part of Busta Rhymes “Look at Me Now” verse. And it sounds awesome.

The song create is Milk Steak and, on his YouTube, channel says about himself: “I take your favorite songs and videogame and ruin them”. Though it looks like he failed to achieve that goal with this one because people are loving it. Some of the comment that you can find under this song are:

Songs caption is “banjo-kazooie revealed for super smash bros ultimate so obviously had to upload this”. And the song creator says that has been siting on this song for some time now and just was waiting a perfect moment to release this Busta Rhymes mashup – when Banjo & Kazooie will be added to Smash.

And now since the game has been added to Smash, Banjo & Kazooie fans have even more reason to hope that someday there will be a good game in the series to be released.


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