Zelda: Breath of the Wild: Defeating Thunderblight Ganon

Thunderblight Ganon is the boss of the Vah Naboris dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is required that you defeat Thunderblight Ganon in order to claim bask one of the Divine Beasts. Thunderblight Ganon is responsible for the demise of the Champion Urbosa and it specializes in quick, lightening-based attacks.

Preparation to fight Thunderblight Ganon

You are going to fight against the boss who uses electricity to damage you. To make that damage a bit less painful you can wear rubber tights, they will protect you from lightning damage. You can get them in Serpent’s Jaws Shrine quest.

Since there will be electricity attacks, make sure you have some non-metal shield for defense.

How to fight Thunderblight Ganon: First phase

First encounter with Thunderblight Ganon will happen fast. The boss will wrap around and be in front of you with a sword thrust. Be ready for this first attack – face him and block the attack with your shield, that will protect you from damage. In this moment the boss is open for an attack, so be fast and swipe with a sword, continue trying to destroy the bosses shield, that’s the goal. Continue to block and attack.

During these attacks it is possible that Thunderblight Ganon will rise into air and throw orbs of electricity, trying to hurt you. Don’t lose your focus, look at where the boss is moving and just run away from where the orbs land. The orbs are pretty slow and are not accurate, so you should be able to avoid theme with no problems.

If you have managed to destroy the shield and then he rises into air you can shoot him with arrows, it will damage him more, because he does not have a shield. If you damage him enough, he will drop to the ground where he will be even more vulnerable. When the boss regenerates his shield you can smash it and daze the boss again.

Keep repeating all this and the second phase will start, or check guide how to climb Akkala tower

How to fight Thunderblight Ganon: Second phase

In the second phase in defeating the boss, metal posts will drop from above and will become electrified. But don’t worry, if you don’t stand near them, they will not hurt you. In fact, the metal beams are what will help you to win this fight.

Get on higher ground, on one of the side slants supports, wait till rain down. Then use magnesis to grab one of the metal beams and hover it next to the boss and hold it there while waiting for the next wave, because on the next electrified attack he will damage himself. It will damage the boss so strongly that after one zap you will be ready for the final phase of this fight.

How to fight Thunderblight Ganon: Third phase

The final phase of this fight with Thunderblight Ganon is similar to the first phase. Except it all happens way faster, because the boss attacks faster with a combination attack and an electrified sword. If you don’t have some wooden or Guardians shields, you’re good to go. But if you don’t then just attack him after he teleports to you in order to dodge and then attack. Not going to lie, this final phase is not an easy one, it takes time and practice. Be aware that there also may be a Guardian-style laser attack, if that happens just run and hide behind one of the supports.

When you finally defeat Thunnderblight Ganon you will collect Urbosa’s Fury that calls down a lightning strike around you, if you wish to use it, hold Y.

Good luck!


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