Zelda: Breath of the Wild: How to climb Akkala Tower?

The Akkala Tower is an important tower in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, especially for those who love exploring. Because Akkala Tower, when you climb it, will reveal a topographical map of the Akkala region.

Also, Akkala Tower is a useful travel point if you want to reach Tarrey Town to the east, South Akkala Stable to the northwest, Mija’s Great Fairy Fountain to the east.

Akkala Tower location

The northeast area of Hyrule, due north of Zora’s Domain is the location where Akkala Tower can be found in

Requirements to climb Akkala Tower

Though there are no specific requirements to climb Akkala Tower, you need to be prepared. Prepare for cold and put on a warm doublet, if you don’t have it you can buy it in Hateno Village or make a meal that would help you with the cold. You can cook four spicy peppers and one sunshroom that will result in the spicy fruit and mushroom mix, that will help you to bare the cold for 12min 30sec. The ingredients for this meal you can find by the entrance to Hylia Mountain in the Great Plateau.

How to climb Akkala Tower?

Now that you are all prepared and are at Akkala Tower hill, start looking for an eye that’s inside the ruins that surround the tower. It is standing out of a wall within the black and purple ooze that in the game is known as “malice”. Malice can damage you on contact, it blocks you from just climbing through it. When you locate the eye, shoot it with an arrow and a metal beam will appear. The metal beam will allow you to get a safe way to enter the tower through a window.

Climb through the window and climb the ruins till you find a place with a red carpet and overlooks the metal beam. To lift the metal beam out of the Malice use magnesis. You will need the metal beam when you climb up the stares and see a gap between the top of the stairs and the tower ledge. Use the metal beam to fill that gap and go over it. The rest of the way to the top of the tower is clear. So, climb with no worries.

When you climb the tower, place your Sheikah Slate in the pedestal and the Akkala Region topographical map will be yours.

Akkala Region has eight Shrines, four of which are hidden until their Shrine Quest is completed. Have fun exploring!


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