Amazing fan-made Sekiro x Cuphead crossover video

In terms of gameplay, art style and genre these two games Sekiro and Cuphead that are mixed together are completely different. FromSoftware game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is an action-adventure game and Cuphead developed by Studio MDHR is a pure run and gun video game. And jet the one thing that these two games could possibly have in common are the high difficulty levels.

In Sekiro the player becomes a cold-blooded assassin in 1500 Japan and unleashes some powerful ninja abilities while blending stealth, vertical traversal and head to head combat. Meanwhile in Cuphead you are an animated character Cuphead or his brother Mugman and gameplay is centered around continual 1930s themed boss fights.

These both games are known for their noted difficulty but you would never in any scenario visualize them together. They are like two separate game worlds. Well, most people. But there is someone who had this brilliant idea and combined the gameplay of Sekiro and mixed it up with Cuphead mostly the video and sound effects. The results of these two game worlds colliding is very entertaining to watch.

This amazing idea belongs to Fieldhouz/ u/obZenDF, youtuber and Redditor. He posted this video of himself just going through series of the hardest bosses in Sekiro but not with sound and video effects of Sekiro, but those of Cuphead. Here is this video.

If you read the comment section below this video you can see that everyone loves this mix of Sekiro and Cuphead.

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