As predicted WoW Classic players waiting in hours-long queues

Looks like the warning that Blizzard had stated last week about WoW Classic queues was all for nothing.

Blizzard warned that WoW Classic realms could reach login queues for over 10,000 players. And when on Monday WoW Classics official North American release was happening the many thousand payers proved Blizzards predictions right.

The problem is as Blizzard explained that the Classic servers have way more players (like thousands of players) more that the original Vanilla World of Warcraft servers has ever had. And it has come so far that almost every server of WoW Classic has a login queue of several thousand players.

Just a few hours before the launch almost all WoW Classic servers were full and that as you can imagine will result in players encountering a lengthy queue. Of course, Blizzard tried to avoid this problem and added a bunch of new servers and strongly advised players to change servers to ensure an even spread of players. Though maybe they could add more servers because the demand is massive, Blizzard is apprehensive to adding even more servers before the launch.

Blizzard says: “Our top priority in planning for WoW Classic’s launch has been ensuring that we are laying the groundwork for strong realm communities that will endure over the months and years to follow, which is why we’re cautiously opening new servers to meet demand”.

They are afraid to destroy the thing that players love about Wow the most – the sense of community, because that is what everyone loved about the Vanilla World of Warcraft.

The problem is being solved though maybe if you are planning to play WoW Classic it is worth to log in a few hours earlier, before the time when you actually are planning on playing.


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