Call of Duty: Modern Warfare new 24-minute gameplay video

The developer Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Infinity Ward has released jet another gaeplay video. And this time we have 24 amazing minutes of Modern Warfare gameplay.

Similar to previous gameplay videos this 24 minute long video also has a series of random gameplay clips. In these clips we can see some of the weapons, maps and modes. As the title of the video already states it can be viewed in 4K and it was captured on a PlayStation 4.

The video starts in Azhir Cave the standby Call of Duty mode Headwuarters. There are a lot of caves that are connected with a small village. Then the video shows the Tussian industrial town of Gun Runner and a game of Domination.

In the video you can also see some clips of Hackey Yard map and Cyber Attack mode. A night at Azhir Cave with a tem deathmatch. And also a Domination of Aniyah Palace. The clip that shows Azhir Cave in night is worth mentioning because the whole deathmatch was in night vision and without any HUD or extremly minimal indicators.

 Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare will be coming on October 25 to PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox One and it will support console and PC cross-play. But as a treat for players will be able to get early look at the game’s multiplayer suite in September, because of beta tests. These betas include a test of Modern Warfare’s cross-platform multiplayer support on Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The first beta test will be for multiplayer on PlayStation 4 and will run September 14 to 16.

Jacob Minkoff, the campaign gameplay director on the new Modern Warfare when talking about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare says: “This is the most authentic and realistic game we have ever made. All we want to do as storytellers is make players feel something.”


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