Daemon x Machina: new trailer – Mission Zero

Daemon x Machina is a third-person shooter action game that is just a couple of weeks away from launching on Nintendo Switch. And Nintendo is preparing everyone for the big game release with a brand-new trailer with English subtitles.

This trailer is called Mission Zero and first it was a prologue animation back when it was Japanese only, but now finally Nintendo has released a new updated version with English subtitles. It tells a story of a time before the events of the game. The trailer shows how deep of a story Daemon x Machine holds and proves that it truly has a hardcore traditional mecha anime scifi plot.

Trailer starts off with these words:

“Creation. The birth of the cosmos. The spark of existence. The circle of life. Growth. Divergence. Natural selection. Inevitable decay. Self-destruction. Evolution. Diversity. The future. The Awakening. Now…awaken.”

And well you just have to see the rest of it for yourself.

It looks like the game fans are very happy about this translated prologue trailer. Also, on social media you can often see people calling “Nintendo, top Anime company of 2019”. And many say that after watching this trailer it really makes you want to buy it.

Daemon x Machina is set to be released on September 13, 2019.

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