Destiny 2: The Season of Opulence’s many exploits

As with many MMORPG games and Destiny 2 with no exception, it has quite a few bugs that mostly are just silly or frustrating but some of them just totally trivialize content. These exploits have affected two of the biggest features in The Season of Opulence – the Menagerie and the Tribute Hall. For almost two months this season of exploits have changed the way the gamers are interacting with the game.

Destiny 2: The Season of Opulence The Tribute glitch

Tribute Hall is on of the Season of Opulence final features, it is a virtual achievement palace. Most of the golden statues in Destiny 2 you have to earn by playing the game, but there are some that have to be purchased with Bright Dust, Glimmer and other planetary materials.

There are a total of 50 Tributes and to start the quest of Bad Juju the Exotic pulse rifle from the original Destiny, players need 18 Tributes. And when the weapon is in players possession, he still needs 45 Tributes to unlock the guns Masterwork.

Usually to reach 45 Tributes the players would have to complete quests for Calus to reduce his prices or just use thousands of resources that are not easy to obtain. After a few days in Season of Opulence, after many players had already spent a ton of resources. And here is where another exploit was discovered.

The Season of Opulence

When players first go into the Tribute Hall, Claus gives a Tribute to place and that opens the door to the hall. And you can go back to Orbit after placing the first Tribute and got othe Hall again and do it again and every time counted as a Tribute placed. Players who noticed this glitch were able to do this countless time and, in the end, get all the 50 Tributes in just a few hours and best of all – not spending anything. But as with all good thing this came to an end with the July 30 patch which fixed this and players weren’t able to go to the same place to score some easy progress.

In the end the players who used this glitch were the losers, because all the progress that was made by reentering the hall was later taken away from the players by Bungie. The players who used this glitch the most hardcore were even punished. Bungie took so long to fix this glitch that many players had already caught a whiff of what they can exploit there and as a result a lot of players plainly waisted their time.

The Season of Opulence

Destiny 2: The Season of Opulence The Forge Farm

While the Tribute hall turned out to be so resourceful players needed a way to recoup some of their investments and as a result of that Guardians repurposed an old farm.

Usually the players would AFK in the Gofannon Forge on Nessus – taking their time in the activity or just stepping away from their controller or keyboard to earn the very rare Lore books. Players can score some powerful weapons to use when they finish a Forge like Gofannon. But now that Bungie removed Lore from the failure pool, failing grants them just some Planetary Materials. Realizing how little resources they have after the Tribute Hall, players noticed that those planetary materials are not so boring after all, because they add up over a couple of hours of AFK time. So, what they did next is that they lowered their power levels to find other players who are looking to exploit and started the Forge.

If players did this smartly that added up to more than thousand materials a day and later, they can exchange them for Legendary Shards by turning those resources into vendors. Right now, this exploit can still be used in the game, but who knows for how long.

The problem with fixing this exploit is that the players have collapsed the in-game economy with the Forge farm and that causes a problem for Bungie balancing the upgrade costs. Bungie cant rise the costs for the hardcore players who AFK’d in the Forges without harming the average players who have normal counts of resources.

Destiny 2: The Season of Opulence The Menagerie chest

The Menagerie is considered to being one of the best activities in Destiny 2. The Menagerie is a loot farm and here is a labyrinthine dungeon through which the players need to find their way through to find the final boss and defeat him. After players have defeated the final boss, they can use the Chalice of Opulence to choose the weapons they desire from the end-of-activity chest. And here it is – a way to mitigate the randomness of the process of looking for players favorite weapon. This is what the players have been longing for and The Menagerie finally offers it.

The players when they have defeated the Menagerie boss and have opened the end-of-activity chest, they have 300 seconds to examine the Menagerie. If you are a player who knows this area than you can manage to run to other area and come back in around 30 seconds. And the players can open a chest again, because when the player reenters the chest room the chest itself respawns.

For players this is a gold mine where they can get 6 to 7 times more rewards per run than it is intended. That creates a problem for Bungie. And unfortunately, Bungie has fixed this glitch and now the chest does not open more than one time.

But here’s why the bug fix didn’t quite mater to anyone anymore. So many great players had already used this glitch and got all the items they needed and players got used to the pile of drops that they got every run. This bug wasn’t fixed for about a month and that time was more than enough for players, so when the bug was fixed players were already got everything, they needed form Menagerie and that extremely reduced rewards, so it gave no reason to return.

The Season of Opulence

The Season of Opulence’s many exploits

In Destiny game and other similar games, the players will always use the most effective way to get something even if it is not that fun. And with these bugs and exploits truly there are no winners. Players who exploit getting materials only forces Bungie to cut down their usefulness or maybe even make something similar to the Tribute Hall that force people to spend tons of resources.

Though in the end players by using these exploits learn their lesson, because the exploits are always fixed and the players have to learn how to do things without cutting corners. One of the most epic exploits that The Destiny franchise has had is the loot cave from the original game.

What’s great for players is that the punishments for using these exploits are usually not harsh because the bugs and exploits in the game are totally expected with such a huge game scope. So players should use the exploits at their own risk and try to have fun with it, because it can all be taken away and you cant really be mad about that.

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