Destiny 2 Update will solve some major issues in the game

Bungie in its blogpost has shared some important information with Destiny 2 fans. The upcoming Destiny 2 Update, we can expect a “quality-of-life update to address some trending feedback from players, specially concerning rewards”. That being that some activities don’t have enough rewards. There is actually a whole list of scheduled updates for August and September.

To guarantee appropriate drop rates the players will have bad-luck protection and Reckoning and Gambit Prime weapons will have a higher drop rate. As a result going for Spare Rations will become easier. And now random groups will find that it is easier to work together because The Reckoning is also will ask for a bit less effort.

The blogpost also states that one of Destiny 2 Update will be that Mountaintop and Wedigo GL3 pinnacle quests will become more accessible, though there are no further comments on what that will actually affect. Right now, The Wendigo GL3 and Mountaintop quests are quite difficult, they require some specific kills with grenade launchers.

There won’t be any daily lockouts for BrayTech Schematics that means that the weapons that the players don’t have their hands on yet will more likely drop from Ana.

destiny 2 update

And the last bullet point on the list of Destiny 2 update is quite a mysterious one. And it is about one of the many Season of Opulence exploits – Menagerie chest. It says that Menagerie chests will become more rewarding though it does not say how exactly is that going to happen. This might be an attempt to lure players back to Menagerie chest and give it another run, because most likely they won’t restore the chest bug.

And last but not least this blog post actually has a weekly calendar of activities for Destiny 2 for the next month. And what it basically says is that Season of Opulence will end on August 27 and while we wait for the release of Shadowkeep and New Light on October 1, we have all kinds of experience boost weeks to keep us entertained.


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