Diviner new class char on Mu Origin 2

Mu Origin 2 was first released last year in South Asia and just a few moths ago the game got a huge update in the Abyssal Realm. To keep the players entertained, GameNow, the publisher of Mu Origin 2, also added the new playable class – Diviner not so long ago. Diviner is a very special class that is known to have powerful crowd controlling ability, that freezes them on the spot. Diviner is what players are most excited about, but there were other new interesting updates too.

Diviner class character

Diviner is what you get if you combine Mages with Archers – a very powerful class that use magic to eliminate their foes and help their allies. She has the abilities to control a crowd that lets her shepherd hordes of foes all while her allies wipe them out one by one. She also has healing and defensive buffs. Diviners are a perfect addition to any team; they will be the biggest help when dealing with the strongest bosses and dungeons.

8vs8 Phantom Monastery battle

Here is another treat exclusively for high level players. It is a cross-server realm event that is 8 versus 8 PVP battle Phantom Monastery. The rules are simple, players register for Phantom Monastery after cross-server map opens at an exact time. Players get points by destroying an enemy or taking Holy Grail back to faction. And as simple as that – the team who has reached the number of points needed to win first – wins.

Master Talent system

To make characters more powerful there is a new system now. Note that this system, function will be unlocked only after the player has reached Master level. There are three different categories that players can choose from Berserker, Holy Defense, Sacred Sanctuary. Consume Talent Points to activate Talent on Talent Tree.  After choosing one of the talent trees you have to distribute enough Talent Points you unlock the next Talent Tree. Players can get Talent Points by consuming quest EXP and trading it to Talent Points. Many talents give just a buff to the character but some of the talents can provide spells and skills that are more impressive.

Skin Wardrobes

Another new system applies to every skin option – weapon, wings, costume, horcrux, they will have their own wardrobe system. To gain the bonus stats players can place excess skins into wardrobes. An example of that would be if the player has 5 skins of one kind, he can equip one of them and the remaining four to put in to the special specific skin wardrobe to obtain the stats boost from all the skins the player has. Note that the skins you choose to put in the wardrobe wont alter the external look of your character.

Equipment Refine

Now, every equipment will have one to five new stats to refine. Using Enchantment Stones the players can refine very time starting off at zero. Though you never know the result, it can increase as well as decrease. But you can fight this randomness by choosing to play the refining fee with Diamond and it will guarantee that after refine stats wont decrease.  So use Diamonds instead of gold.

Below-average-player bonus points

Mu Origin 2 creators also have decided to give a helpful hand to the new players in this game who are below the average character level. The system will give these players bonus experience points. This will probably help the below-average-players to catch up with others, level up much faster. Such a sweet gesture.

Official SEA server: MU2SEA

Official US/EU server: MU2 WEBZEN


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