Dying Light 2: new 26min gameplay trailer

Though Dying Light 2 will be released only early 2020, yesterday the games publisher Techland released so much information on the upcoming parkour open-world game.

This is a 26-minute Dying Light 2 gameplay trailer. Though it is not a new gameplay video that Techland has created. This video was actually showcased behind closed doors in E3 2019. And this is the very first time that this video has been shown publicly.

dying light 2

In this gameplay trailer you can see a whole mission in which the player has to solve water shortage crisis in the city. The player has to infiltrate a faction led by the colonel – the base of the Renegades. You also get to see a lot of Parkour and some new interesting elements like the UV light used to keep the zombies away.

Also, it is fun to see how much in Dying Light 2 everything depends on players decisions that he makes. And here you can really see it. The video may seem quite long but it is well worth a watch. Some say that “The fact that choices really matter and have serious consequences just adds a cherry on top of all the other great things this game has to offer. Brings so much replayability. Day 1 and this game is mine”-I_Like Memz

“Incredible work guys! You have truly taken the concept, gameplay, and environment to the next level while still feeling familiar overall. I can imagine how much fun I’m going to have with this. I am STILL playing the first game on a regular basis. Now just take your time and deliver a polished game.” – Anthony Swiss

Dying Light release will be in early 2020 and on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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