Hideo Kojima the creator of Metal Gears and Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima is known for his significant work on writing and designing Metal Gear (1987), the game that was the foundation for the stealth games and Metal Gear series. Though his new creation has caught every games eye, well every PlayStation player game for sure. His new game called Death Stranding is a huge mystery and is not even released jet and the fans are going crazy over it.

hideo kojima

Hideo Kojima brief biography

Hideo Kojima was born in Tokyo, Japan on August 24, 1963. Yes, though some pictures of him may look like a 16-year-old gamer, his actually 56 years old. He is a video game writer, designer, producer and director. As mentioned, before he was the one that started the first Metal Gears by writing and creating it. Also, he is known for these graphic adventure games: Zone of the Enders, Snatcher and Policenauts.

Fourteen years ago, in 2005 Hideo Kojima founded a software house called Kojima Productions. It is controlled by Konami a Japanese entertainment and gaming conglomerate. And is 2011 he became a vice president of Konami Digital entertainment. But now Kojima Productions is split form Konami and is an independent software company. Right after that Hideo Kojima announced that he is collaborating with Sony Interactive Entertainment and is creating a brand-new action game called Death Stranding.

hideo kojima

Hideo Kojima love for movies

For one year he also edited a column for Rolling Stone that was dedicated to video games, cinema and what they have in common or not. In Kojima Instagram page the description about him says: “Game Creator: 70% of my body is made of movies”. On Instagram he ahs almost 2k posts and 722k followers. Before entering the video game world Kojima had a major interest in writing and creating a film and America was the inspiration for that.

hideo kojima death stranding

Hideo Kojima new game Death Stranding

This new game Death Stranding seems to be a very special game, perhaps introducing a brand-new game genre. Hideo Kojima explains the complexity of Death Stranding and why it is so difficult to create it:

“Well, after experiencing an action game in an open world, you cannot just go back to other things. That’s what I thought. Because of the interactivity. Of course, there are other ways to make a game. A linear game for example. However, I cannot go back after having had the experience of having a large-scale world in a game.

The problem, however, is the technology. Of course, it is technically difficult to create an open world. The player has the greatest possible freedom in an open world. Therefore, you are never really sure what the player will do. In this context, storytelling in an open-world game is the biggest challenge. As there is more and more freedom, it means that the story sometimes gets in the way of a distraction.”

Here are the latest Hideo Kojima tweets with screenshots of Death Stranding that show Death Stranding attention to detailDeath Stranding graphics, and Equipment for Sam. Also, check out the newest Death Stranding trailers released during Gamescom, there are three of them. One shows the character Mama, one shows Deadman explaining us some info about the Bridge Baby and the third shows us Sam making a Strand. The game will be released on November 8, 2019 exclusively for PlayStation 4.


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