How long till GTA 6 release date

Rockstar games have been silent for ages about grand theft auto 6 release date, there are leaks but are they reliable?

It’s hard to believe that it has been already six years since the Grand Theft Auto 5 was first released. Now its officially the longest time that players have had to wait for a new GTA game. The fans are even getting a bit delusional and every move that, the official publisher of GTA, Rockstar Games makes is being interpreted as a sign of GTA 6.

Though Rockstar Games have not even said one word about GTA 6 it is still one of the most anticipated games for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. And it turns out as we have been waiting for GTA 6 release date Rockstar Games have been working on some other game Red Dead Redemption 2. And now that the game is finally released, we jet again have hope of hearing something about GTA 6.

The fans are trying to find an explanation to why we haven’t heard any official information about GTA 6. And on one rumor everyone seems to agree on, that GTA 6 could be released in 2020. Because PlayStation 5 is set to be released around April 2020 and GTA 6 could be a timed release that would be exclusive to PlayStation 5.

And these are not the only rumors that players have stirred on as some info leak is claiming to have information on the new game that Rockstar Games are working on. But don’t get excited, in fact get ready to be disappointed because this new game is not GTA 6 but Bully 2.

To make it even sadder we can’t really hope that this is just a rumor that is not true. Bully fan YouTube channel SWETGA claims that it has insider information on the next game Rockstar Games are planning to release. And it looks like 2020 will start with Bully 2.

This information source says: “The way they are going about this has completely changed. As it stands, they are aiming to release their next game during the holiday season in 2020 (maybe October or November). I can’t say for sure, but that appears to be the current state of planning. Basically, what they want to do is release their next upcoming game on next gen hardware (PS5 and the new Xbox), as well as on the current gen”.


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