Metal Max series: Metal Max Xeno

Metal Max Xeno is a single-player RPG that is part of the Metal Max game series. The game was developed by Kadokawa Games, Cattle Call and 24Frame and was released on April 19, 2018 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Metal Max Xeno is the sixt title in the original Metal Max series but it was the first game title for PlayStation console.

Metal Max Xeno plot

Metal Max Xeno truly has a very rich and detailed story. The story begins in a former location of Tokyo Bay that is now referred to as Distokio. The time is about a century after the “Great Annihilation” (where NOA a supercomputer tried to destroy all humans to prevent ecological disasters). Spoilers, NAO was defeated but not before he could send an order this “SoNs” to finish his work, to destroy humanity. And so starts the journey of the main character that you will be playing in this game – Talis. He visits Iron Base gathers up a team with the goal of searching for survivors and destroying “SoNs”. And there are many new characters and epic fights along the way. There are a total of 14 characters.

metal max

Metal Max Xeno gameplay

There are gameplay modes in Metal Max Xeno. Most often you will find yourself driving your tanks in an open world and battles will not be random. From time to time metal monsters will appear near you and you can choose to ignore them or start a fight by firing a canon. You can fight using your tank weapons or if you have weapons that are strong enough you can fight out on the field. This way you will get EXP reward and money without having to enter a separate battle screen. This is a very nice touch because you are not forced to take part in a battle if you don’t want to and do as many fights you want.

And the second gameplay mode is when you and your crew are out of the tanks exploring parts of the world where tanks just cant fit. When you are in these places there will be random encounter mechanics but the battles are the same turn-based battles. In this mode the difference is that instead of just using your tank and weapons you are using your character abilities and equipment.

Now there are is going to be a publishing event in which Metal Max will reveal the new plans they have for the franchise and the next game after Metal Max Xeno.


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