Monkey King: Hero Is Back is coming to us on October 17th

Finally, it is confirmed, a long waited Western release for Monkey King: Hero Is Back video game release date is here. The game will be released for PlayStation 4 and PC.

The game is based on a movie “Monkey King: Hero Is Back” directed by Tian Xio Peng. Movie was released in 2015 and was the highest-grossing animated film in China. Oasis Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment in July announced that this monster-slaying game will be released.

Monkey King: Hero Is Back will be released on October 17

Monkey King: Hero Is Back is a Sony first-party project that is specifically targeting Chinese market, but a Western release has always been planed and now it is confirmed that Sony will partner with THQ Nordic to bring this video game live to Europe and North America.

Monkey King: Hero Is Back is available for pre-order right now. There is a Standard Edition that costs $39.99, that will include “two exclusive game modes” and a PlayStation 4 theme. And also there will be a Hero Edition that will cost a bit more – $64.99 but it will come with the outing’s Season Pass and it assures you to get two further story-based expansions and quite a few in-game items.

Monkey King: Hero Is Back video game

Alen Wu, Oasis Games Business Director described this game:

“Monkey King: Hero Is Back the Game combines the global popularity of the Monkey King character and film with a visually rich and compelling monster-slaying interactive experience on PlayStation 4. With the oversight of October Media for the project and the development prowess of Hexa Drive and Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia, we have the perfect team to deliver an outstanding game for action fans.”

Monkey King: Hero Is Back main character

The Monkey King character is a very popular mythological figure in Chinese literature. In this movie The Monkey King has been kept prisoner by the gods for 500 years and a child frees him of his curse. Monkey King then trys to protect his village from the Mountain Lord and an army of monsters.

In the video game The Monkey King: Hero Is Back the players will be able to play as Monkey King or Jiang Lieur a young monk who is in training. There will be some unique levels that will be specific just for the game and of course it will include some of the story from the movie too.


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