Persona 5 Royal: screenshots show new costumes

Video game developer Atlus has released a bunch of brand-new screenshots of Persona 5 Royal. The game is expecting a release in the West around Spring 2020. And it is expected that Persona 5 Royal will be a significant improvement of Persona 5.

The new screenshots were posted on Twitter and as you can see this time the star is DLC costumes and the Baton Touch mechanic.

Here are the tweets with the

new Persona 5 Royal screenshots:

In the first tweet you can see the baton touch mechanic that allows players to chain their attacks just as long as the player strikes the weakness of his enemies and that will result in increasing attack and recovery power. Though some fans are responding not so positive saying that the game was easy before but now it looks like it will be too easy which might make it boring. Some even suggest that to some players who would love a challenge, the game could give zero EXP accessory.

In the second tweet we can see that the new heroine Kasumi Yokhizawa will not only have this new costume that will be released with Persona 5 Royal but also, she will have her own version of DLC costumes that already exist in the game.

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