Pokémon Go: Rayquaza raid guide

Be prepared, because from July 31, 4 p.m. ET until September 2, 4 p.m. ET the Rayquaza ic coming back to Pokémon Go raids. That means it’s time to try to snatch the best dragon-type attacker in the entire game of Pokémon Go.

Alongstside the green dragon Rayquaza the opportunity to be Shiny will also be returning, so there is a reason to get hyped when you spot that black dragon. The odds to get a shiny are not in your favor at 1 in 19, but is you manage to get one, remember that Shinies have an amazing catch rate – 100 percent when they appear, that is of course if you don’t miss all the balls.

Taking down Rayquaza

Ice type moves are the way to go in the process of taking down Rayquaza, just because they do double-effective damage, otherwise dragon-rock and fairy-type moves will do just fine too. Here are listed the best counters:

-Weavile with Ice Shard and Avalanche

-Glaceon with Frost Breath and Avalanch

-Mamoswine with Powder Snow and Avalanche

-Mewtwo with Psycho Cut and Ice Beam

Dialga with Dragon Breath and Draco Meteor can also be used, but be aware that it will be in for some damage if Rayquaza knows Outrage, that’s another reason for choosing ice-type moves.

Rayquaza – one of the most powerful

As mentioned before Rayquaze in Pokémon Go is one of the most powerful Pokémon, but there is a possibility to duo or trio in raids too. Rayquaza can be taken down by just one flowchart that’s made by Reddit user stozball notes that a duo each using six Mamoswines that are level 25 or higher. IF you don’t have six Mamoswines, they can be replased by level 30 or higher Weaviles or Glaceons. And if you don’t have those either this green dragon is still so very surprisingly easy to do with a small amount of people.

When you have Rayquaze in your possession, see to it that it knows Outrage and Dragon Tail, because it is the best move set. DPS with Outrage is what makes it one of the best in the game, and Outrage with Aerial Ace, when needing a flying-type attacker, can be replaced.

Also don’t forget that August Pokemon Go Community Day is August 3 and there is a new Pokemon Go event coming too.


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