Pokémon Go: Stardust-based perks live till August 20

Last week’s challenge for the Pokémon Go players was to complete Field Research Tasks, as many tasks as you can to have a chance of unlocking bonuses. A lot of useful Pokemon Go Stardust based bonuses are now activated with four of the missions completed. These Stardust-based perks will be live until August 20, 4 p.m. Eastern Time and they include: one-hour Star Pieces; tripled raid Stardust; tripled catch Stardust; tripled hatch Stardust.

This will be a great week for those players who are in need of some Pokemon Go Stardust to power up their Pokémon. To make the most use of this stardust bonus week, pop a Star Piece and make your way to your nearest Pokémon Go spot and catch some Pokémon, hatch an egg or two and do some raids.

pokemon go stardust

On August 17 at 4 p.m. your local time, if you have completed these missions the Legendary water-type Suicune will be back to raids once again. Also, this may depend on your luck but the opportunity of catching a water dog Shiny may present itself, be aware.

There is a reason to think that new Special Research Tasks with Jirachi may be returning soon what with all the challenges and the Pokémon Go Fests ending.

Don’t forget that there is a Pokemon Go Safari Zone event happening in Canada September 20 – 22 and there will be some perks not only to the Trainers who will be in this event but to other Canadians and to all the Trainers globally too!


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