Pokémon Masters hits Five Million pre-registrations!

Pokémon Masters official Twitter account tweeted the information that there are already 5 million pre-registrations for this game

Pokemon Masters

On May 28 this year in a surprise Pokémon event, Pokémon company shared with the world a few new products. One of them, the one everyone is the most excited about is a new Pokémon game called Pokémon Masters.

Pokémon Masters will be quite different from Pokémon Go. The game does not use the location-based AR technology. It’s more like a Pokémon experience with new storyline and new gameplay.

pokemon masters

Pokémon Masters is developed and published by mobile game developer DeNA, the same company that is behind games like Mario Kart Tour and Mario Run. The game is a portrait mode battle game where you can see a lot of familiar faces. The concept of Pokémon masters from Ken Sugimori the series artist and designer. He had this idea of having all past characters from the main Pokémon series in one game. The game is already released in Indonesia, Singapore and India, but we are still waiting.

In Pokémon Masters you simply choose three Trainers and their Pokémon partners and you battle against three other Trainers. Every Trainer gets to use only one Pokémon and won’t have a selection of Pokémon for every Trainer. When we look at combat it does not look complicated at all. Every trainer has three different thing that they are able to do during a battle – a potion, main attack and a signature move. As you can see in this screenshot it looks like every player has a shared power meter across all three trainers.

The game will be free to play but will contain microtransactions. The game should be released on August 29 for Android and iOS.

Meanwhile check up on the Pokémon Go events that are happening soon Pokémon Go Safari Zone in Canada and overall there is a Pokémon Go Water Festival 2019 coming next week.


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