River City Girls new trailer featuring Koyoko

River City game series has a new title coming in September called River City Girls. We have already seen the teaser trailer and the trailer of the first main character Misako and now a new trailer has been released putting the second character called Kyoko on the spotlight.

If you don’t know already River City Girls is a part of Kunio-kun games and River City franchise and developed by WayForward under supervision from Arc System Works, the creator of Guilty Gears. And this time the roles are reversed and the main characters are two girls Misako and Kyoko who are prepared to destroy everything and everyone to get to their kidnaped boyfriends.

River City Girls

“River City Girls follows two high school girls (Misako and Kyoko) who break out of school and fight their way across River City in search of their boyfriends, Kunio and Riki, who have been kidnapped. In most previous Kunio-kun / River City games, it’s Kunio and Riki who are the playable leads, so turning them into the “damsels in distress” this time was a fun twist on the series,” says the game director Adam Tierney.

city girls

The boyfriends are Kunio and Riki and side by side the girls wreck everything that crosses their path to getting their boyfriends back. It this game everything goes. As weapons you can use bikes, baseball bats and even park benches etc.

River City Girls game director Adam Tierney said that: “Any player can pull off pretty much any move. We noticed Arc took this approach with Dragon Ball FighterZ as well, and I think it’s much more satisfying than requiring players to input complicated input sequences with zig-zags and quarter-circles on the D-Pad.”

This new trailer focuses on a cheerful and bubbly character Kyoko, her boyfriend is Riki and she is fighting through hordes of thugs in 2D.

River City Girls will be released on September 5th on platforms like Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbok One and PC through Steam, Humble Bundle and GOG. And a physical version of the game will also be available later through Limited Run Games.


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