Sexist jokes on NBA 2K20 adding WNBA players: sad or funny?

The upcoming game will have all 12 WNBA teams and that will add up to more than 140 players in NBA 2K game franchise. And it seems like there are some mixed feelings and opinions about this new information.

Natasha Cloud, Washington Mystics player is very excited and proud of being a part of NBA 2K20 and says: “That’s super dope for us. It’s a dream for us to be in the game too. We talk about evening the playing field, and this is giving us different opportunities to be seen in a different light. It shows a progression of us growing as a league, as players, as teams. It’s all part of the progression.”

However, not all players are very excited about their visual look in the video game. To make the most realistic simulation many of the top WNBA players were scanned into NBA 2K20 earlier this year and the technology used to do that was 2K’s motion capture technology. Though some of the players are having some doubts about how they look in the game and some say that they don’t even recognize themselves.

“I’ve played with DeMar DeRozan. I was like, ‘OK, I know for a fact that’s DeMar DeRozan.’ But when I see us, I’m like ‘Who the hell is that?’” said the Indiana Fever guard Kelsey Mitchell. “I just know that everybody’s saying we look ugly. Our faces don’t match how we actually look”.

And a Las Vegas Aces player Liz Cambage posted an Instagram story of her face on NBA 2K20 and tweeted a hilarious tweet that said “Excuse me @NBA2K you forgot my eyelash extensions.”

But of course, after 2K Sports published these news twitter was also full of discussing sexist tweets like for example this one:

And there are a ton of responses that say that this is just a joke and shouldn’t be taken seriously and ton of comments on how this is disrespectful for all women.

Some people are saying that these are just jokes and every smart person should understand that in no way these tweets are meant to be taken seriously.

But all in all, everyone has to agree that finally including female characters in this game is a very good thing. First of all, it is good for the game itself because it will attract some new players and it is just great to see female characters in this game. Los Angeles Sparks forward Candace Parker said: “We continue to break down barriers so young girls and boys can have female athletes as role models.” And whether NBA 2K20 did this just to up their sales or not Candace Parkers quote still remains true.


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