The Outer Worlds: Gameplay demo video

While waiting for the big The Outer World release in October, Obsidian Entertainment has given everyone a look at The Outer Worlds gameplay.

This video shows 44 minutes of gameplay and allows us to admire the vibrant alien world in which the game takes place. This world is full with killer lizard-monsters, there are conversations with quest givers that are in the games walled settlements. Many of the characters in this game talks in a folksy twang and that gives the game a bit of a Western vibe. In one part of this video we can see a date between NPS and a bit creepy monster part vendor that NPC is quite taken with or in the vernacular of The Outer Worlds a squish.

The Outer Worlds

You can see that while playing The Outer Worlds , the player will make his reputation with various factions and see the inside of the corporations who are controlling this alien planet. The people who are behind creating this game are the same ones who are responsible for Fallout and Fallout: New Vegas. And in similar as in those games, the player will be able to kill any NPC, though they admit that that makes the game a bit trickier to program.

The Outer Worlds release date is October 25 and it will come out for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. And just recently Obsidian Entertainment confirmed that the game will be available on Nintendo Switch too. And on Epic Games Store it will also have a timed exclusive release for PC.

For those who don’t know jet, the Outer Worlds is a completely new single-player sci-fi RPG. In this game as the character explores the world, he gets to make choices that determine the way that the story unfolds and ends. Also while this is a single-player game, while exploring the world there will be many characters who will want to join your crew.


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