The Witcher Netflix coming in October!

The news on the highly anticipated upcoming show The Witcher Netflix have been rather quiet. But today thanks to twitter and The Witcher Netflix TV series Executive Producer Giovanni Eugene Altamarquez we have some huge news about The Witcher.

In this wonderfully long tweet, the series Executive Producer says that the filming for season one is fully and completely wrapped up and we could see the first episode of The Witcher as soon as October. Well the end of October and if everything goes smoothly in post-production.

Here is the information packed Giovanni Eugene Altamarquez tweet:

” #TheWitcher major filming has wrapped for Season 1 plus all major filming for the series has been completed. But, this doesn’t necessarily mean every bit of filming is complete because the series is undergoing some reshoots after the recasting of a major character. All is unqnown for now, same as upcoming Tekken 8 release info and feature.

From here, the show enters post-production where it will hopefully be finished in time for its late 2019 release at the end of Oct 2019. One likely release date for the episodes of #TheWitcher is Friday, November 1.

It was confirmed during an earnings call that series will launch in Oct while we initially worried it might take until 2020. #TheWitcher on Netflix will not adapt the games, it will be its own adaptation of Sapkowski’s books.

Henry Cavil is a huge fan of this property. He’s read all of the books, played all the games. At the very beginning of the process, he said: “I would love to play this character”


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