THQ Nordic reboots Comanche – original game fans are disappointed!

Yesterday on Gamescom Opening Night Live an Austrian video game publisher THQ Nordic announced that they will bring back the beloved helicopter shooter game Comanche. With it comes a brand-new trailer and a promise of “Early Access” program in early 2020.

Comanche was first published and developed by American company NovaLogic back in 1992 (Comanche: Maximum Overkill). It was a series of military simulations and the players got the chance to be a pilot and fly RAH – 66 Comanche attack helicopters. And then since 2000 we haven’t heard anything about this franchise.

thq nordic

THQ Nordic reboot

Now Comanche reboot is a team-based online shooter. Now the focus is on the multiplayer mode. It’s fun, you can team up with your friends and go on missions and you get to shoot down other helicopters.  Also, you get to fly a drone. But there are a lot of Comanche early day game fans who are a bit upset with the new game focusing on multiplayer. One of the comments from the original Comanche fan, Artek[General] says: “Multiplayer?… This is kinda disgraceful to the original games. And i don’t particularly dig the Sci-Fi design.”

Nothingseen explains why there are so much hate on this modern rboot of Comanche: “People loved the mission based Comanche games. This looks more like a deathmatch game.”

They made the game into something it is not.

“Seems like another mp/br oriented crap fest insted of a proper game” – GigglingStoner

“Impossible Mission – Fallout, is that you?” – Francisco Erivan Araújo do Nascimento

The story of this game is that there has been a critical security breach and there are some important documents missing. The Blueprints of the helicopter RAH-66 Comanche. And it seams like there is awhistleblower in your team. And “SACEUR has authorized THQ Nordic and Nukklear to continue with the production of “Comanche” as fast as possible to counter any possible threat.”

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THQ Nordic will release a new game called Wreckfest on August 27, check out other New game releases that are jet to come this month.


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