Warframe: beach-themed event Dog Days

At this year’s Tennocon, Warframe developer Digital Extremes revealed a lot of information and a few days ago another smaller event started to run. Dog Days Tactical Alert is a total summer event that is based around you, there is a beach arena, an “ultra-powered Soaktron” squirt gun and a bunch of other players. It’s basically a water gun fight and whoever wins the fight, wins rewards.

Warframe Dog Days event

And when I said its just you, beach, other players and squirt guns I wasn’t kidding, because this beach arena does not allow any pets, mods and abilities. All the Warframes are on equal ground and have to take part in a deathmatch. The fight also involves running around the beach arena and refilling those Soaktrons at water fountains.


There are four in- game rewards available, and also there is a special event currency that players can trade on Cetus for some extra cosmetic rewards. The event will run through August 12 at a.m. ET.

Warframe Dog Days event rewards

These are the four tier rewards that players can win:

  • Mission 1 – 50, 000 Credits and Redeemer Abysso Skin
  • Mission 2 – 50, 000 Credits and Hydroid’s Relay Scene
  • Mission 3 – 50, 000 Credits and Hydroid Reprise Noggle
  • Mission 4 – Orokin Reactor and Stratos Emblem

Not only players will get cosmetic skins, credits and photo mode backgrounds, they will also have a double credit booster in WArframe. And players who got a credit booster will have both booster stack and that will give up to a 4x bonus.

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Warframe Space Ninja contest

There will be extra entries in Digital Extreme’s (creators of Warframe) Space Ninja contest for every match that players complete on the beach arena before August 6, so hurry up. The winner of Digital Extreme’s Space Ninja contest will get $250,000 toward a trip to space. Read the terms and conditions and creators vison for Digital Extreme’s Space Ninja contest.

This game is slowly starting to gain more and more attention as it increases its quality and the games community is really friendly. The game is free to play, so come join as in Warframe and have some beach water gun fights.


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