Warframe sending Space Ninja contest winner to space!

The creators of Warframe – Digital Extreme have organized a contest, Space Ninja contest and wants to send the contest winner to space! Well, kind of a trip to space, but actually it’s just a big fat check and it is up to the contest winner if that money goes towards a trip to space.

Warframe Space Ninja contest

Digital Extreme announced the contest at Tennocon – a Warframe gamer convention in Ontario. The company says that they want to be make one devoted Warframe fan the first “real space ninja”. To participate in this contest the conditions are pretty simple – just play the game Warframe and with every day that you play, log in and you automatically have additional entries to the contest. Also, you get extra entries by taking part in the Warframe Dog Days event. By the way, Warframe is free to play for everyone. When stating the rules of this contest, Digital Extreme states that they will allow players additional opportunities (whatever those are) at different points in the upcoming next six months.


Win a trip to space from Warframe?

Well as you probably already knew, the prize is not an actual trip to space. But don’t be disappointed, because the prize is $250,000. According to the rules of the contest this amount of money is “the equivalent cost estimated by Digital Extreme do a trip to space.” How did they come up with this number? Well, $250,000 is the exact price of a 90-minute-long Virgin Galactic spaceflight, so the guess is that that’s where they got this number. But there is nothing in the Space Ninja contest rules that actually states that you have to spend the money on a trip to space. All it says is that: “The Winner must arrange for the space trip directly with a provider if the Winner chooses to use the cash awarded for a space trip.” That implies that the winner can choose to spend the money on something else.


Space Ninja contest trip to space or money?

Its quite interesting to see what the winner will choose to spend the money on, because you can imagine that there are a lot of other things that one might one to spend money on. The rules also say that the company providing the prize is not responsible for paying taxes. So that means that after paying the taxes the winner won’t even has enough money to actually take the trip to space. Unless the winner is been saving up some money. Also, it’s not like someone will help the winner with the planning of the trip and it sounds like it’s a bit more complicated than planning a simple weekend getaway.

But don’t let this all information stop you in participating, go for it! The Space Ninja contest runs from now until December 31!


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