Watch Dogs: Legion new trailer revealed during Google Stadia livestream

With Gamescom 2019 kicking off this week a number of the biggest publishers in the industry are hosting their own livestreams and Google Stadia was no exception. During Google Stadia Connect livestream presentation a bunch of new titles were confirmed for Google Stadia and one of those titles was Watch Dogs: Legion. A new trailer was released showcasing new gameplay and a few characters.

Watch Dogs: Legion is an upcoming action-adventure game that is developed by Ubisoft Toronto and published by Ubisoft a French video game company. It is a sequel to Watch Dogs 2.

watch dogs legion

Watch Dogs: Legion

The game takes place in London in the future – a post-Brexit future. Though don’t think that this game has some kind of political agenda. Games creative director Clint Hocking says that: “We chose London as a setting before the Brexit debate was even happening, and certainly before the vote.”

A group of DedSec London branch of hackers are fighting to break the authoritarian regime that now controls the United Kingdom. Watch Dog: Legion is an open world action-adventure game that’s played from a third-person perspective. This game has release date not like long-awaited Tekken 8 rumours. There is something different about this game than the two previous titles.

Watch Dogs: Legion gameplay

Watch Dogs: Legion brings a twist – every character in this game is a protentional protagonist for the players to recruit to their own cause. And every one of theme comes with specific traits and skills that players can use before they switch into another member of the resistance movement. But its not that easy as it sounds. First you have to sway them to your side and convince them to join DedSec and that is totally worth risking their life for it. And every choice that you make in this game affects the whole game. For example, if you kill a regular man on the street that may lead his family to resent DedSec and that affects your chances in recruiting them.

Watch Dogs: Legion will be released on March 6, 2020 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Google Stadia and PC.


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