Proven Ways to Improve Memory

Memories are an integral part of humans. Everyone experiences moments of forgetfulness at some point in their life, especially when life gets busy. But sometimes it gets frustrating when we start forgetting things regularly. 

Genetics contributes a lot to have poor memory, especially if your parents or grandparents have experienced Alzheimer’s. Moreover, our lifestyle and diet also play a crucial role in poor memory. In your teens or 20s, you might feel that it’s not an issue to maintain mental health. But at a later age, you will realize how our lifestyle affects our mental condition. In this article, you’ll learn about the proven ways to sharpen your mind. 

Try Meditation 

Meditation is a perfect way to help you boost your brain memory and overall health, as well. It has found in different studies that meditation can help in soothing your body and relaxing your mind. It also helps to reduce stress and pain, which lets the mind to relax, and your memory gets to improve. A study conducted by a medical research institute has revealed that mediation also helps the brain to produce gray matter, which contains neuron cell bodies. The cells play a crucial role in building memory blocks. 

Train Your Brain 

You can improve your memory by exercising your cognitive skills. You can play brain games, which will not only entertain you, but you will be able to train your brain to remember things. 

You can find plenty of games on Play Store and App store like crosswords and puzzles. They are highly effective in strengthening memory. Research on the enhancement of cognitive skills has revealed the fact that playing brain games applications can help in cognitive impairment. 

Physical Exercise 

No one would deny the fact that physical exercise is not only good for general health but can also be beneficial for mental health as well. Exercise is important for people who want to enhance their cognitive skills and memory. Studies have shown that exercise helps the brain to release secretion of neuroprotective proteins, which are essential for the development of neurons present in the brain. If you are regularly exercising, there will be fewer chances of developing dementia at a later age. 

Maintain Healthy Weight

It is essential to maintain body weight for well-being. It can be beneficial for you to keep your body and mind in perfect condition. It has been proven in several studies that obesity is the key factor in declining cognitive skills. Extra weight can also affect the memory-based genes. Along with that, a study has revealed that obesity also builds resistance towards insulin and also causes inflammation in the body, which can cause the memory to get affected badly. Apart from that, obesity can also develop Alzheimer’s disease, which slowly destroys the cognitive function. 

Maintain Healthy Diet

You should also maintain your diet if you are addicted to the food items that contain a large amount of carbohydrates. You should immediately cut them down from your meals. Cookies, white rice, cereals, and white bread severely damage the functionality of memory genes. Such foods contain a high glycemic index, which results in digesting the carbs quickly, and your blood sugar level rises. It can seriously harm your overall mental and physical health. If you are eating processed foods, there are chances that your working memory will seriously be affected. You should eat fruits, vegetables, unprocessed meat, and other natural food items to live a healthy life. 

Drink Less Alcohol 

Although alcohol has several benefits, it helps to improve your blood circulation and keeps you away from obesity and other heart-related issues. But if you want to improve your mental health, then you should drink less alcohol, because it can badly affect your memory. Many studies have shown that alcohol plays a crucial role in memory deficit. Alcohol releases neurotoxic effects, and if you’re alcoholic, it can damage your hippocampus, which is the part of the brain to helps you memorize things. 

Lastly, you should try to revert to natural life and stay away from all the processed foods and avoid unhealthy lifestyle. Make sure to go to the gym regularly and deploy your efforts to maintain your mental and physical health. A healthy lifestyle is the only option for well-being.


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