Mu Online Speed Server Arcadia Awaits

Described as an event server, new official Mu Online Arcadia Speed server will Soon Be open for a week to allow players to quickly accelerate their characters with extra EXP. During this period, a level-up event will be held that will also supply special rewards such as an Armor Collection, Wing, Weapon, and more as level milestones are struck to enhance gameplay.

According to the accompanying press release, you can receive gifts Such as Elite Healing and Mana Potions, Bless of Light, Jewel of Chaos and Creation, and much more. To be able to obtain the gifts, all players will need to do is play on the new Speed Arcadia Server and accumulate play with time. Simple, right?

To be able to participate in mu online Arcadia speed server you need a ticket, follow this guide to get it: Webshop link HERE

Step 1 Go to MU Online Official Webshop: Premium Category and purchase ·[Free]Speed Server Transfer ONCE per account for FREE.
Step 2 Go to SHOPPING LIST: INBOX and USE ·[Free]Speed Server Transfer item.
Step 3 Claim the item from MU PREMIUM COUPONS: COUPON BOX

Level up perks are:


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