PlayPark opens OBT for MU Online SEA

Official South-East Asia Mu online server after months of preparation is opening OBT on game which was originally made in 2003, The PlayPark MU Team is announcing that on March 26, 2020, 3:00 PM (GMT+8), the doors to The Mu Online Continent will reopen. Open Beta Test for MU Online will begin.

Mu Online is categorized in seasons, each season brings new features like maps, mobs, events or even new characters. PlayPark mu will be on Season 13, official Webzen server is on season 14 and official Korea server is on Season 15. PlayPark will open 2 servers one for Thailand and one for reset of Asia.

PlayPark is finally starting the yield of MU Online into Southeast Asia this past month and people considering returning to the continent of MU is now able to register for the game. The Closed Beta started at March 10, 2020, and will finished with a wipe on March 15, 2020, whereas the Open Beta begins on March 18, 2020. PlayPark originally announced last year it would be bringing the traditional Mu Online RPG into Southeast Asia at a brand new venture with developer Webzen.

MU Online, that is now in its 13th season/version, includes a complete Of 8 character types. Players will have the ability to begin with both of the game’s three core courses, including the Dark Knight, Dark Wizard, and Fairy Elf. After a player gets any of the characters to par 220 and 250, they will then have access to this Magic Gladiator and Dark Lord, respectively. Another character classes, such as the Summoner, Rage Fighter, and Grow Lancer, could be unlocked by buying tickets in the match’s item shop. Players will also have the ability to update their gear using stones though some gear will contain sockets that players may equip Seed Spheres to increase the product’s stats.

The game also features activities for gamers to encounter such as The Castle Siege is your match’s guild versus guild action wherein guilds struggle to get control of the castle. Getting the castle operator enables guilds to access a particular map with exclusive Historical Things can fall, make revenue from NPC taxation, along with the Lords Mix at which guilds can craft exceptional things for themselves.

Open Beta testing with a lot of free gifts has raised big hype in Mu Online Asia community and for sure will bring few thousand players online at the opening, but how long hype will be going? The old memories will keep the server live? When free seals, pets, and lucky sets expire, that was given on beta, will hype turn into a rage when players will realise how much it costs? Let’s find out it after opening. See you in-game!

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