Webzen Began the development of a Brand-new MMORPG Named MU Archangel

In line with the announcement produced by Webzen, MU Archangel is a job that can provide PC quality games for mobile platform and they’re also planning to get a multi-platform attribute particularly for this particular game. Aside from those, the newest MMORPG will even provide similar attributes that many cellular MMORPGs have like the offline method to ease the dull level grinding. It was also assured that MU Archangel won’t be excessively determined by gacha, unlike its counterparts.

MU Archangel is advised to have its Closed Beta South Korea next month.

Mu Archangel Dark Wizard in Devil Square
Mu Archangel Elf In Blood Castle

Beta for Mu Archangel ended May 01, 2020 (Friday) 23:59.


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