MU ArchAngel opens OBT in Korea

MU Online game on mobile phones by Webzen, gameplay video available

After opening the CBT at the end of the month, last april, Webzen announced the availability of OBT for  MU ArchAngel (뮤 아크 엔젤)’,  a new MMORPG mobile game through the Korean Google Play Store.

MU Arch Angel (뮤 아크 엔젤) is a mobile MMORPG that completely brings ‘MU Online‘ to the PC version on the mobile platform. Players will find a continuation of the original revision of the original, including UI, game design, and the main content of the game ‘Blood Castle’ and Devil Square.

In addition, additional content farming helps to shape the character’s level through collecting items and equipment. As well as supporting the world of systems for hunting monsters that are suitable for the character’s level.

Official website:

Play Store: LINK

APK downlaod: LINK


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