Scorched Canyon – Mu Online Map

Season 15 mu online comes with new map – Scorched Canyon for players from 1050 level

  • The Scorched Canyon can be moved through the M move windows and the portal north of the Tarkan Safe Zone.
  • Scorched Canyon is requested warp price: Zen: 50,000  
  • Scorched Canyon Entry Level: Level 1050  

When a character dies or reconnects in Scorched Canyon, they are moved to the Scorched Canyon Safety Zone.    

Scorched Canyon item drop

When you kill a Scorched Canyon monster, armor silver heart is dropped.   

Scorched Warrior

Scorched Wizard

Scorched Assassin

Scorched Canyon Elite Zone

  • Elite Zone At the entrance to the hunting ground, the “Elite Zone Flag” symbolizes the Elite Zone.
  • In the Scorched Canyon Elite Zone (Elite) Scorched Warrior / (Elite) Scorched Assassin /  (Elite) Scorched wizard monsters appear
  • Elite monsters have ‘Elite Debuff Options’ and ‘Elite Skills’.
  •  If you take damage, there is a 100% chance that ‘elite debuff’ is applied and you are damaged.

Next higher level map after scorched canyon is Crimson icarus



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