2.5 LVL wings and creation

To create 2.5 level wings you will need 1 Wing level 2 – Any Class,
1 Jewel of Chaos
1 Jewel of Creation
1 Item That’s Determines Wing Class

WARNING: The item that will determine which class your wing level 2.5 is not your level 2 wing, but your Custom Item That’s Determines Wing Class.

Wings Of ChaosCloak of DeathWings of LifeWings Of Magic
Blade Knight
Magic Gladiator
Dark Lord
Rage Fighter
Fairy ElfSoul Master
Magic Gladiator
Bloody Summoner
Hell Maine’s Leather Death King’s Bone Death Beam Knight Soul Dark Phoenix Flame
Death King’s Bone: Used to create Cape 2.5 of DL and RF.
Hell Maine’s Leather: Used to create Wings 2.5 of BK and MG.
Dark Phoenix Flame: Used to create Wings 2.5 of SM, MG and SUM.
Death Beam Knight Soul: Used to create Wings 2.5 of ELF.

To mix Wings OF Chaos, Cloak of Death, Wings of life or Wings of Magic player needs these items:

  • One Wing level 2 – Any Class,
  • One Jewel of Chaos
  • One Jewel of Creation
  • One Item Thats Determines Wing Class

Rage Ancestral Honor Earring

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